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Sinasc started its activities in 1988, in the area of road signs and landscaping. Since 1990, it has concentrated its activities in the area of road signs, traffic engineering, urban and road furniture. The company provides services, actively contributing to the development of signaling and traffic engineering of the country's road systems, developing new materials, applying new technologies and seeking new service techniques in all markets.

In 2018, deciding to focus its work on the execution of services, it directed its activities to the execution of road safety engineering, notably in road signage.

In this way, through partnerships formed throughout its years of activity in the market, which only reflect its
incessant for quality and high technology, SINASC aims to meet the needs of its customers on time, with the aim of always fulfilling its premises: quality and prompt service.
It is structured to serve its customers anywhere in Brazil, MERCOSUR and throughout Latin America.

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